Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Chopped n Screwed

What's up, you've found the chopped n screwed blog. This is a showcase of my chopped n screwed tracks, and other memorable chopped n screwed remixes.

A little about me:

I'm 19, i've been djing/remixing for about four years. I have a passion for what I do, as should any musician.

If you can't feel your music, it ain't real.

Who Influenced Me?

Dj screw is a pioneer of hip hop, so ofcourse he's my number one influence.

What's this blog about?

This blog is all things chopped n screwed, if I make a chopped n screwed track, you'll find it here. If I find a good screw, you'll find it here. If you have a request for a song to be chopped n screwed, I'll chop it and post it.

Stick around, light a blunt, kick back and enjoy the music.

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